FSX450 Battery Burnisher



The Victor FSX battery burnisher offers ultra-speed burnishing, excellent battery performance and dust collection to leave your floors in fantastic condition.


Ideal for hospitals and retail, and environments where daytime cleaning is required.

Powerful Battery Powered Burnisher

2+ Hour Runtime

Quick Release & Change pad

Speed 1340 RPM

Robust design for tough use

FSX 3.jpg

The Victor FSX has no trailing power leads allowing safe cleaning at any time of day. The battery delivers an incredible run time of over 2 hours and can be re-charged ready for use in two and a half hours. The on board charger and charging cable gives you the flexibility to charge the machine at your nearest socket. The passive dust collection picks up dust and small debris without creating noise pollution. The FSX also features an isolation key that operates as an extra layer of safety to prevent tampering or use by unauthorised personnel.

High performance

• 1350 rpm gives excellent productivity and results

• Fully floating and flexible pad drive conform with floor contours ensuring superior and consistent results

• The passive dust collection silently picks up dust and small debris


British Made High Quality

• A unique discharge protection system prevents the battery from over discharging, prolonging battery cycle life

• Automatically detects when the battery is full to prevent overcharging and associated thermal problems

• Designed to be serviced simply, with parts easily accessible and quick to change.


Simple and Safe operation

• No trailing power leads allowing safe cleaning at any time of day

• The on board charger and cable facilitates charging from any socket

• An isolation key prevents tampering or use by unauthorised personnel

• No tool required to change the pad - simply twist off the pad retainer to remove the pad


Robust Design

Robust handle and steel casing, capable of withstanding years of tough use.

FSX 6.jpg

‘Low battery’ warning light

Onboard charger allows charging from any location in 2.5 hours


Stabiliser Wheel

Stabiliser wheel helps ensure pad remains perfectly flat when operating for superior finish


Key Features


Adjustable Handle

Fully adjustable handle ensures fatigue free operation


Heavy Duty Skirt

Skirt made from tough fabric ensures longevity



Sturdy non-marking wheels for efficient manoeuvrability



Victor FSX450 Battery Powered Burnisher

Voltage (V)

12 v

Run Time

2+ hrs

Charge Time

6 hrs

Battery Capacity

120 ah

Rated Power

850 w

Noise level

60 dBA

Pad Size

450 mm

Pad Pressure


Weight with battery





(On Board)



Accessories & Spares