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Grab 'n' Clean

Is your organisation using too much blue roll? 


The Grab n Clean by Victor is a Portable, refillable, sheet-by-sheet dispensing system for wiper rolls. Specifically designed to reduce wiper roll waste in commercial cleaning by being easy to remove from a wall mount to take to the required area and remove wiper roll in individual sheets.


Wall Mountable

Sheet by sheet dispensation

grab and clean.jpg

Uncontrolled dispensing leads to high usage and spend. The Grab ‘n’ Clean controls and reduces the usage of wiper rolls due to sheet-by-sheet dispensing.

Blue roll is coreless which maximises the number of sheets within the portable dispenser.


Handy portable dispenser prevents the issue of loose rolls getting contaminated and wasted as the roll is protected within the unit

Smart and clean looking carry dispenser gives an enhanced impression

Wall bracket system allows the portable dispenser to replace traditional centrefeed dispensers, with the added benefit of sheet-by-sheet dispensing.


  • Single sheet dispensing reduces paper usage by 20%

  • Infection control with closed-system dispenser

  • Convenient, portable design increases efficiency


Key Features

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