The Lynx operates at 1080 rpm to give excellent productivity in spray cleaning or burnishing and a superior finish on the floor.

The Lynx can be fitted with an exhauster for areas where an active dust collection unit is necessary. However where sound is an issue the Lynx has the ability to be converted to a silent passive dust collection system. The simple to use Lynx keeps operator training to a minimum through its straight line operation. The fold over handle and castors on the rear of the machine allow it to be stored in the smallest of storage areas.


Hard floor spray cleaning

Hard floor burnishing



Active or passive vacuumation available. Easy to use straight line operation cuts training time. Fold-over handle and rear castors allow the Lynx to be stored in the smallest of places. High productivity Excellent cleaning results. Available in 3 sizes (15” (400 mm), 17” (450 mm) and 20” (500 mm))