Victor Nimrod 
Stick Vac

Commercial Stick Vacuum Cordless

✓ Compact, lightweight design
Weighing in at 2.3kg, this stick vac is super light in weight.

✓ Simple, but built to last
Designed to sustain years of demanding use.

✓ Easy to Use
Simple to use single switch and intuitive design.

✓ Dual power settings

Regular power for most tasks and a boost button for harder to pick up areas



The Victor Nimrod Stick vac is a commercial cordless vacuum cleaner. This  2-in-1 vacuum cleaner comes acn either be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner for hard to reach areas, or a cordless upright stick vacuum cleaner.


The Nimrod is supplied with a wide range of accessories, making it incredibly versatile for a wide range of tasks.


The Victor Nimrod commercial stick vac features a 380W brushless motor and for up to 35 minutes operating time.


The swap out 24V high performance Li-ion battery offers 24/7 cleaning capabilities when teamed with multiple batteries. The wall charger / accessory holder ensures all tools are kept neatly whilst charging. From Flat, the Nimrod can fully charged in just 3 hours.

Victor Nimrod Stick Vac 17.jpg

Powerful 380w Motor

Delivers high suction and long life performance.

Victor Nimrod Stick Vac 4.jpg

180 Degree Cleaning

The ultra nimble design ensures ease of cleaning under bed and furniture.

Victor Nimrod Stick Vac 9.jpg

Swap out Battery

The swap out Li-ion battery offers 24/7 cleaning capability when teamed with multiple batteries


Victor Nimrod Stick Vac Key Features

Victor Nimrod Stick Vac 5.jpg

2-in-1 Vacuum Clean

The 2-in-1 design can be used as either a stick vac or handheld vacuum

Victor Nimrod Stick Vac 10.jpg

Easy Storage & Charging

The charging dock ensures neat storage both the stick vac and the tools.

Victor Nimrod Stick Vac 18.jpg

Bagless dust container

The easy to empty dust container doesn't require bags, making it cost efficient to run.

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Victor Nimrod Stick Vac Technical Specifications

Voltage (V)


Capacity (l)


Working Width (mm)


Motor Power  (W)


Noise Level (dB)


Charging Time (hr)


Runtime (min)

Reg 35 / High 10

Power settings


Filter type


Swap out battery


Weight (kg)


Dimentions (cm)

125 x 25.5 x 21.5


Victor Nimrod Stick Vac Downloads

Parts Diagram - Nimrod

Victor Nimrod Stick Vac Consumables