Can a SlipStop® help a leaking roof?

Leaky roofs have plagued commercial properties for far too long. Whether it's a school, library, shopping centre, supermarket or leisure centre, a leaking roof in a public or commercial space can create numerous health and safety risks for both visitors and staff.

These risks not only include slips, trips and falls for the public, but it also puts businesses and organisations at risk of liability claims.

Leaking roofs can take longer than anticipated to fix. Whilst getting quotes, investigating the leaking roof repair cost, finding out if the leaking roof covered by insurance, getting repairs to the roof signed off and finally finding a contractor to fix the room. Find out how to stop a leaking roof takes time.

In the meantime, the most common solution to a leaky roof is this...

Wet floor signs and strategically placed buckets. Although this set up works in theory, nine times out of ten it gets knocked or kicked over by a passer rendering it useless.

As floorcare people, we'd had enough.

Introducing The SlipStop®

The SlipStop® is high visibility, all-in-one leak collection solution that features an integrated bucket and absorbent liner system, collecting leaks and preventing slips, trips and falls.

✓ Protects businesses from expensive liability claims.

✓ Wide funnel design offers superior coverage of leak collection.

✓ Combines contemporary appearance with a highly-visible design.

✓ Easy to fold away and assemble means manual handling is quick and efficient.

Available in 2 designs, The SlipStop® range is a wide funnel leak collector, designed to minimise slip hazards, by collecting water from leaks efficiently, whilst acting as a high visibility wet floor sign.

The SlipStop not only manages risks more effectively but keeps the floor cleaner and provides a much tidier and more professional appearance.

If you're looking leaking roof solutions, a leaking roof quick fix or a leaking roof temporary fix a SlipStop is Ideal for high footfall areas where slip & trip prevention is crucial.

The Slipstop 65 - RRP £70.00

  • Features a collapsible design for easy storage

  • Lightweight & portable

  • Wide funnel design effectively collects leaks

  • Arrives flatpack and easy to assemble

  • Includes 18 litre collect bucket & 20 absorbent liners

The Slipstop Cone - RRP £135.00

  • Robust ABS Plastic Design

  • Stackable for neat storage

  • Wide funnel design effectively collects leaks

  • Robust design makes it suitable for high traffic areas

  • Includes 18 litre collect bucket & 20 absorbent liners

SlipStop Key features

1. Super Absorbent Collect Liner

The leaking water is funnelled into the SlipStop® Collect bucket, which contains the SlipStop® Absorb Liner. The liner then absorbs the water, removing the hazard. The Slipstop liner can absorb 2.5litres of water.

2. High Visibility

Contemporary, yet high visibility design helps improve visitor safety and maximises your professional image.

3. Easy to Store

The SlipStop Cone, for high traffic pedestrian areas, can also be stacked for efficient storage, and has an integral funnel.

The SlipStop 65 has a slimmer, lightweight design which easily collapses for simple flatpack storage when not in use.

4. Wide Funnel Design

Wide funnel design effectively collects leaks and can be used in conjunction with another SlipStop® to increase coverage further.

The Slipstop can be purchased online via our website

Alternatively, contact us for large quantities or distributor opportunities.