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Available for Short Term Hire and Long Term Lease

Access the latest professional cleaning machines directly from the manufacturer, precisely when and for as long as you require them.

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"Save capital costs without compromising on quality."

Discover our cutting-edge hire service, offering high-quality floor cleaning machines for short-term to long-term hire.
Save significantly on capital costs while accessing specialised machines, for example slower RPM rotary machines for periodic scrubbing tasks or commercial carpet cleaners for annual carpet cleaning.

Maintain a competitive edge with our state-of-the-art fleet, ensuring your commercial cleaning operations stay fully operational and up to date, minus costly upgrades.

With Victor Floorcare’s reliable and user-friendly machines, elevate your cleaning efficiency and prolong the life of your floors.


Victor’s Discover, Simplify, Perform model helps ensure you select and hire the ideal cleaning machines. We can conduct comprehensive assessments of specific needs and challenges, simplifying the selection process with customised recommendations. This ensures optimal performance and support for efficient, effective cleaning operations.


Comprehensive evaluation your environment, challenges, and objectives to uncover precise cleaning
requirements and needs.


Help you streamline processes by providing customised, efficient solutions that reduce costs, enhance performance, and meet budget and resource constraints.


Empower operatives with Victor machines, supported by training and maintenance programmes, that deliver exceptional results, increase floor lifespan, and maximise efficiency.

The Victor Hire process is simple and efficient.

Step 1:

Choose your desired duration between 1 week and 3 years


Step 2:

Choose your desired cleaning machines from our diverse fleet.


Step 3:

Choose the hire duration, whether short-term or long-term.


Step 4:

After confirming the booking, we deliver your chosen machines to the desired location promptly.

Step 5:

Once the hire period is complete, we collect the equipment hassle-free.

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