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Commercial Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer Range from Victor Floorcare

The Victor scrubber dryer range benefits from a slimline body which is easy to store and manoeuvre around tight spaces such as retail environments or washrooms.


Key Features

Front brush sd.jpg

Front-mounted Double Brush

The Victor Scrubber Dryer Range's patented toothed brush design is powered by a single motor, offering maximum visibility and superior cleaning power.


Single Motor Technology

Powered by a single motor that drives multiple brushes and the suction turbine, the Victor Scrubber Dryer range uses less energy and creates just 64 decibels of sound.

sd SLIM.jpg

Lightweight & Super Slimline

Thanks to housing less motors, when compared with similar litre machines, the Victor range is lighter and  more slimline than other scrubber dryers available.

batteria li ion.jpg

Quick Charge Batteries

With runtime of up to 4 hours and a recharge time of just 2 hours, the Victor scrubber dryer range has the ability to be in action 12 hours per day.

Super Simple to Use

One of the most stand-out features of the Victor scrubber dryer range is the focus on usability. As with all Victor floorcare products, these scrubber dryers have been designed to be simple to use to ensure operatives can spend longer cleaning, rather than trying to understand multiple complicated settings. All settings on the Victor Scrubber Dryer range can be operated with just two buttons. One for dosing the solution flow, the other for Eco or Max modes. You can also easily check the battery status, the remaining runtime and the remaining solution flow.

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Victor Scrubber Dryer Range

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