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SD12 - Compact  Scrubber Dryer

The SD12 compact scrubber dryer benefits from a slimline body which is easy to store and manoeuvre around tight spaces such as retail environments or washrooms.

High performance cleaning
High rotation double brush cleans better than single brush machines.

Compact design
With the same tank capacity, Victor scrubber dryers are some of the shortest, narrowest and lightest options available.

Simple, but built to last
Easy access to routine maintenance parts

Easy to Use
Simple controls mean less training is required.

Quick Charge & Long Runtime

12l Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

The SD12 Super compact scrubber dryer benefits from a slimline body and a fold over handle which make it incredibly easy to store and manoeuvre around tight spaces such as retail environments or washrooms.

The SD12 is the ideal compact scrubber dryer for cleaning surfaces from 250 - 500 m2 and can clean up to 1600 m2 on a single charge.

The front mounted brush head increases visibility in operation allowing the operator to see their working area, in addition to being able to get the brushes closer to corners and edges.

The patented two toothed brushes has simplified the transmission to a single motor, thus increasing productivity and reducing costs.

The SD12 has been designed to be simple to maintain. Routine maintenance tasks such as squeegee replacement, cleaning the clean water filter and replacing brushes is fast and easy. The wide opening of the recovery tank makes with easy to access and clean.

SD12 2.jpg

Easy Storage

The fold over handle on the SD12
makes it incredibly easy to store in a cleaning cupboard, or fit in the boot of a car.

Front brush sd.jpg

Front Mounted Brush

The SD12’s patented 2 brush
design is powered by a single
motor which offers superior
cleaning power

SD12 5.jpg

Super Slimline

At just 34kg the SD12 is very lightweight without compromising downforce. Although slimline, the SD12 still maintains a 400mm cleaning width.

SD12 7.jpg

Extra Quiet

The SD12 has been design to be a quiet as possible and creates just 66.7 decibels of sound.

Victor SD12 Scrubber Dryer Key Features


Victor SD12 Scrubber Dryer Technical Specifications

Model Number


Power (V)


Motor Power (W)


Suction Turbine Rated Power (W)


Eco / Max Pot Runtime (min)

120 / 90

Battery charging times (h)


Washing track, brushes (mm / inch)


Squeegee width, suction (mm)


Load on brushes empty - full (kg)

15 - 23

Solution tank, capacity (l)


Recovery tank, capacity (l)


Weight (kg)


Dimensions - Closed LxWxH (mm)

750x490x1070 (720)


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