Why Victor?

Made in Britain

  • All our products are manufactured in UK from components sourced locally

  • Quality can be guaranteed, controlled and managed

  • Short lead times

  • Reduced vulnerability of supply chain and risk of disruption

  • Reduced carbon footprint

Built to Last

  • Plated steel gears and pulleys are designed to outlast and outperform lower cost plastic alternative designs

  • Plated steel frames ensure that Victor machines withstand the most intensive and brutal use, often lasting decades

  • Switch box made from strong robust plastic withstands long-term use

  • Hard wearing metal or plastic machine outers are easy to clean and maintain

Trouble-free Operation

  • Rotary machines are belt driven, which means there is less to go wrong, and simpler to maintain compared to cog alternatives

  • Pulley and belts are uniquely designed not to slip during operation. This reduces issues of the motor cutting out during in use, and causing burning smell or cables overheating

  • As drive mechanism wears over time, very simple and low cost to replace, and another reason Victor machines outlast and outperform competitor machines

  • Unique design of rachet handle safeguards against users putting too much pressure on machine during use and potentially damaging floor

Ergonomic Design

  • Adjustable handles maximise ease of use

  • Lynx rotary buffer has folding handle for compact storage 

  • Hi vis cable pack reduces accidental trip hazard


  • Extensive range of brush and pad specifications for highest standards and optimum results

  • Spray cleaning and wet extraction units available for rotary machines


Unit 15 & 16

Ace Business Park


B33 0LD

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