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Why Victor Floorcare?

Dating back to 1946, the Victor name is globally renowned for its high-performance, reliable, durable, and easy-to-use floor cleaning machines. Over the decades, Victor products have continued to improve, with the team building on solid, robust technology and strong construction, and never compromising on quality, parts or materials. 


Where possible, all Victor products, components, accessories and spare parts are made in Britain – ensuring complete control over quality and the whole production process, while also reducing carbon emissions. 


At the heart of every Victor product is belt-driven technology. Victor’s rotary belt-driven floor cleaners operate reliably for decades, offering value for money and outlasting cog alternatives (which are complex, expensive and have moving parts that wear out more easily). As well as being robust and durable, Victor products are ergonomically designed and are easy to transport, store and keep clean. Maintenance requirements are simple and low cost). Power cables can be easily replaced if they become damaged. 


Victor’s factory is based in Birmingham – the centre of industry and within easy reach of the UK’s motorway network. Victor products and spare parts can be quickly and easily delivered to any area of the UK – orders can be with customers as soon as the next day. Products are also distributed to over 50 countries worldwide. 


Victor has a highly knowledgeable, dedicated sales support team; each member has worked in the floor cleaning industry for decades (with over 200 years’ experience between them) and are genuinely committed to helping customers achieve the very best results from their Victor products. The team provides advice on product selection, as well as technical help, training and ongoing support with operation, maintenance, accessories and spare parts. Victor team members provide quick and efficient responses, call us today on 0121 706 5771 


All Victor products conform to British Standards and meet the very latest EU industry directives. Victor’s vacuum cleaners deliver certified HEPA13 standards, typically demanded in healthcare environments of filtration down to 0.3 microns at 99.9984% efficiency, and exceed IEC60312.


Victor has recently been brought under new management – signifying a new era for the brand. In March 2020, it was acquired by the IIC (Innovation In Cleaning) Group – a company committed to designing and developing innovative and unique commercial cleaning products. IIC will further evolve the Victor brand, whilst being adopting the core values of the brand. Customers can expect to see investment in new products to exceed our customers’ needs, increased manufacturing and production capabilities, and enhanced customer service.


Over 70 years of cleaning knowledge

  • Victor's core range is manufactured in UK from components sourced as locally as possible.

  • Quality can be guaranteed, controlled and managed

  • Short lead times

  • Reduced vulnerability of supply chain and risk of disruption

  • Reduced carbon footprint


Built to Last

  • Plated steel gears and pulleys are designed to outlast and outperform lower cost plastic alternative designs

  • Plated steel frames ensure that Victor machines withstand the most intensive and brutal use, often lasting decades

  • Switch box made from strong robust plastic withstands long-term use

  • Hard wearing metal or plastic machine outers are easy to clean and maintain

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Trouble-free Operation

  • Our pulley and belts are uniquely designed not to slip during operation. This reduces issues of the motor cutting out during in use, and causing burning smell or cables overheating

  • As drive mechanism wears over time, very simple and low cost to replace, and another reason Victor machines outlast and outperform competitor machines

  • Unique design of rachet handle safeguards against users putting too much pressure on machine during use and potentially damaging floor


Ergonomic Design

  • Adjustable handles maximise ease of use

  • Lynx rotary buffer has folding handle for compact storage 

  • Hi vis cable pack reduces accidental trip hazard

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  • Extensive range of brush and pad specifications for highest standards and optimum results

  • Spray cleaning and wet extraction units available for rotary machines

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