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Strengthening our Business Operations for Sustainable Production and Customer Satisfaction

Strengthening Business Operations for Sustainable Production and Customer Satisfaction

In the face of unprecedented challenges, businesses are struggling to keep up with customer demands and fulfil their promises. Here at Victor Floorcare we have taken the initiative to conduct a systematic review of all aspects of its business operations to get back to a position where it can sustainably fulfil customer orders. This post will discuss the steps that we as a company have taken to improve production, operations, order processing, finance, and sales and the impact these changes have had.


At the heart of any manufacturing business lies production. Without a sustainable production process, businesses cannot survive, let alone thrive. We recognise the importance of improving production process to meet growing customer demands. We have undertaken a thorough review of our production process and identified areas where it can make improvements in both the short and long term.

One of the key challenges we have faced is the availability of raw materials. We heavily rely on suppliers to provide the raw materials needed to produce our products. However, the pandemic had disrupted supply chains, making it difficult for us to access some raw materials and components needed. To address this challenge, we have focussed on building relations with our key suppliers and worked with them to ensure that they could provide the raw materials needed to sustain production. Where possible we use local suppliers with enhances our supply chain and reduces both lead times and our carbon footprint.

Victor’s products are essential for cleaning Ambulance stations, hospitals, MOD sites, and other establishments involved with front line cleaning and hygiene. We recognised the critical role played by its suppliers in supporting its production process and were grateful for their support during this challenging time.


We recognised that improving our production process was not enough to meet customer demands sustainably. It needed to streamline its operations to ensure that it could deliver products to customers promptly. We undertook a review of all of our operations and identified areas where we could make improvements.

One of the key improvements we made was the implementation of the SAP ERP system. The system helped us gain visibility of raw materials, parts, and components inventory, which streamlined the entire operation. The system provided real-time information that has helped us track our production process and identify areas where we can make improvements.

Order Processing

We recognise that order processing is a critical part of fulfilling customer orders quickly and efficiently in order ensure that we can process orders promptly to meet customer demands. we have undertaken a review of our order processing system and identified areas where improvements could be made.

One of the key improvements which we have made is to ensure that we have adequate staffing levels to process orders promptly. We have also worked with our distributors to develop and improve the service and support they receive to help them increase sales of Victor products.

Victor have been delivering exceptional cleaning machines for over 75 years, and through the implementation of a systematic review of our business operations, we are well-positioned to continue doing so for another 75 years. Our commitment to improving iour production process, strengthening relationships with suppliers and distributors, and leveraging technology to streamline our operations will undoubtedly enhance customer satisfaction and propel Victor forward as a leader in the industry.

With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Victor is poised for continued success in the years to come.

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