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Can a HEPA Filter Protect Against Covid-19?

As the nation looks for new ways to protect themselves from viruses such as Coronavirus, some scientists have suggested that HEPA filters could be the answer for filtering airborne particles and reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses.

Research on the COVID-19 virus has yielded some comprehensive information about what causes COVID and how effective it can be through airborne transmission. In the air cleaning industry, a rather large question has been posed: Are HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter vacuums, portable air purifiers, and air cleaners alike effective against COVID? This article will provide a brief overview of what experts have said about the efficacy of such vacuums and filters.

Can HEPA Filters and Purifiers Protect You from COVID-19?

To get right to the point for those looking for a quick answer: YES – a HEPA filter vacuums can HELP protect you from the coronavirus.

It’s important to note that it does not offer full protection simply because it is being used. The Environmental Protection Agency makes this statement in their assessment of filter effectiveness:

“By themselves, portable air cleaners and HVAC filters are not enough to protect people from the virus that causes COVID-19.”

The report goes on to say that given other proper sanitation practices suggested by the CDC are being followed, the use of a HEPA filtered vacuum can substantially decrease the chances of being infected. Additionally, this assessment says that HEPA, CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) systems, or manufacturers that define particulate removal below 1um should be considered when choosing an air cleaner.

The Victor V-9 HEPA Filter Vacuum cleaner a high filtration rate of 99.9984%. This means it catches and traps 99.9984% or dust and other airborne particles. Vacuum cleaners without a HEPA Filter or Bag are notorious for letting particles escape, putting potentially harmful or infected particals back into the air.

Although a HEPA Vacuum cleaner by itself may not fully remove the risk of COVID, combined with conitous handwashing and a thorough sanitising routine, it can help reduce risk of infection significantly.

What is a HEPA Filter?

With the more important question at hand out the of way, it would probably be best to cover exactly what a HEPA Filter is.

A HEPA filter is a high quality air filter that meets the HEPA filter standard. To be classed as a HEPA Filter, it must remove at least 99.97% of particles from the air down to at least 0.3 microns in size.

HEPA filters are a common filter in air purifiers and Vacuum cleaners due to their necessity to remove dust and airborne impurities from the air.

How Do HEPA filters Work?

Hepa filters utilise multiple interlaced fibres which weave together to trap dust and other harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander and dust mites.

The Victor V9 HEPA Tub Vacuum

  • 99.9984% HEPA filtration.
  • Fixed HEPA filter = No loss of suction.
  • No need for expensive HEPA Bags.
  • Super lightweight at just 6kg.
  • Powerful 700W motor.

With one of the most advanced HEPA filtration systems, this tub vacuum is lightweight and easy to use whilst also being powerful and robust.

The V-9 thrives in commercial environments where a high-performance motor, heavy-duty housing, and advanced HEPA filtration is required.

How is the Victor V9 Different to other commercial HEPA Tub Vacuum Cleaners?

Rather than using HEPA Filter bags which can be costly to replace and lower in particle retention, the Victor V-9 features a fixed HEPA filter. This stays in place, even when the bag is full, ensuring the motor isn’t blocked causing loss of suction.

Key Features

  • High capacity 9 litre tub.
  • 99.9984% HEPA filtration.
  • Fixed HEPA filter.
  • No suction loss – even with a full bag.
  • No need for expensive HEPA Bags.
  • Super lightweight at just 6kg.
  • High-performance 700W motor.
  • Quick change Cable.
  • Extra stable 5 castor design.
  • High visibility cable & housing.
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