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13 Reasons Why the Victor V9 is the Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner for You


The V-9 Tub vacuum has been a firm favourite with schools, local authorities, hotels and other commercial environments since its inception in the late 90’s. But in case you aren’t familiar with all the benefits that the V9 has to offer, we thought we’d outline them in a short blog post.

So here they are, 13 reasons why the Victor V9 could possibly be the best commercial vacuum cleaner for you.

1. No loss of suction (Even when the bag is full)

The Victor V9 Tub vacuum features a rigid HEPA filter that prevents the bag from blocking the motor. This means that even when the bag is full there is enough airflow to ensure no loss of suction.

Similar tub vacuums have a loose filter which tends to block the motor as they inflate, reducing the airflow and reducing the suction, long before the bag is full.

2. HEPA Filtration Rate 99.99%

HEPA filters use multiple interlaced fibres to create a ‘maze’ that traps particles, preventing them from being recirculated into the air.

The V9’s unique rigid filter sits between the bag and the motor and creates a certified HEPA filtration rate of 99.9984%. This means the V9’s filter traps almost every single particle of dust, bacteria and mould, making it very popular in the healthcare sector. Without this level of filtration, other vacuum cleaners would simply recirculate these particles back into the air.

For more info, see our blog post: Can a HEPA Filter Protect Against Covid-19?

3. Low Cost Paper bags (the filter does all the work)

Due to the incredibly high filtration rate of the rigid filter and the sealed tub, the V9 doesn’t require expensive HEPA Bags. A simple, low cost paper bag is all that is required, making the Victor V9 incredibly cost-effective to run.

4. Super light weight (20% lighter than the industry standard)

The Victor V9 weighs just 6kg, which is around 1.5Kg or 20% lighter than the industry standard. This makes the Victor V9 incredibly easy to carry around without causing the operative strain. Combined with the long cable and handle, the V9 is ideal for vacuuming stairs as the operative can carry the tub, whilst working the treads with the floortool.

5. High Visibility

The V9 tub vacuum has been manufactured using a High Visibility ABS plastic and features a high visibility yellow cable. This reduces the risk of being a trip hazard when compared to duller primary colour tubs or black cables.

6. Powerful Ametek Motor

The high quality, powerful 600w Ametek motor delivers high power suction and lasting performance, whilst remaining extra quiet only creating 60 decibels of sound.

7. Made in the UK

We are proud to have been manufacturing mighty commercial cleaning equipment in Birmingham, England for over 75 years. Manufacturing in the UK not only helps to reduce our carbon footprint, support the local economy but helps to protect our supply chain. If you’re finding your current supplier delaying orders due to stock being stuck at customs or on a boat somewhere, perhaps buying British could be a better long term strategy. For more info, see our blog post: “Why your business should start buying British”

8. Short lead times

We hold a large stock quantity of the V9 to ensure we can fulfil even the largest orders for next day delivery where requested. Given the current unprecedented times, some of our customers have been struggling to get hold of some commercial cleaning equipment from some supplies. We source the majority of our components as locally as possible and manufacture them in the UK. This allows us to avoid some supply chain issues other suppliers may be facing.

9. High impact resistant tub

The high capacity 9L tub has been manufactured from high impact ABS plastic. This ensures it won’t crack or shatter – even with continuous use in demanding commercial environments.

10. Five castors for extra manoeuvrability (it won’t topple over)

Tub vacuum cleaners are notorious for toppling over. Users tend to pull them around by their cable, and inevitably tend to end upside down. This in turn causes the user to stop what they are doing to correct the vacuum.

To solve this problem, we designed the V9 to have 5 castor wheels rather than the industry standard 4 wheels. This gives it 360-degree manoeuvrability, opposed to the standard forward, backward, left, right. Following rigorous testing, we’ve found the five castor design significantly reduces the probability the Victor V9 will topple over during use.

11. Easy wrap cable

If you’ve ever had a vacuum cleaner with a retractable cable you’ll know how problematic that can be. They get jammed very easily, and once broken the cable becomes very difficult to store.

The V9’s 5 castor design allows the V9 to spin 360, creating its own unique, zero maintenance cable winder. Simply remove the hose and spin the V9 on its 5 castors whilst guiding the cable around the specifically moulded motor cover. When fully wound, simply clip the plug into the handle.

12. Quick Change Cable

It happens, with continuous use power cables can get damaged. Usually, tub vacuums would have to be sent off to a specialist for repair. To ensure minimal equipment downtime, the V9 features a plug and play power cable which can be replaced in seconds. Similar to a kettle lead the power cord pops out for replacement. But don’t worry, the cable restraint ensures that the cable can’t be pulled out during use, even if the operative pulls the vacuum around by the cable.

13. Built to last – 3 year Warranty

And finally, the V9 has been built to last to a commercial grade. We are so confident that the V9 will stand the test of time, even in a demanding commercial environment, that we offer a 3 year warranty as standard.

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