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Choosing the Right 110V Rotary Floor Cleaning Machine for Your Needs

When it comes to rotary floor buffers, the Victor range stands out as a reliable and efficient choice. These machines are designed to tackle various cleaning and scrubbing tasks, catering to both large and small spaces. However, before you decide, it’s essential to understand the differences between the 110V and 240V models and choose the one that best suits your specific requirements.

Choosing the Right 110V Rotary Floor Cleaning Machine for Your Needs

In the UK, the standard electrical supply for domestic use is 240 volts. Appliances designed for domestic use, such as household electronics and tools, are typically designed to operate on this voltage. A 240V rotary floor polisher would be compatible with the standard electrical outlets found in UK homes and commercial buildings.

On the other hand, a 110V rotary floor polisher is designed for use in environments where a lower voltage is required for safety reasons, such as construction sites or industrial settings. In these locations, a 110V power supply is commonly used to reduce the risk of electric shock.

To use a 110V rotary floor polisher in the UK, you would typically need a transformer or a site transformer to step down the voltage from the standard 240V supply to 110V. This ensures that the tool operates safely and is compatible with the lower voltage system.

110v plug vs 240v plug

When choosing between a 240V and 110V rotary floor polisher, it is important to consider the intended environment of use. If you plan to use the polisher in a domestic or commercial setting with a standard electrical supply, a 240V model would be suitable. However, if you require the polisher for a construction or industrial site, a 110V model, along with the necessary transformer, would be more appropriate to comply with safety regulations.

At victor we have a range of 110v rotary floor cleaning machines. These can be delivered direct to site, and for next day delivery on request.

Victor Contractor 110v Rotary Machine:

Victor Contract 110v Rotary Floor Cleaner

The Victor Contractor is a powerhouse in the world of rotary floor machines. Available with a 400mm driveboard, the 110V edition offers a standard speed of 240 RPM. This makes it the ideal choice for a wide range of scrubbing and cleaning tasks. Whether you need to rejuvenate a large commercial space or restore the shine to a residential floor, the Contractor delivers exceptional performance. With its robust construction and user-friendly design, it ensures efficiency and durability.

Victor Trojan 110v Rotary Machine:

The Victor Trojan 110v is ideal for heavy duty tasks that demand extra power and weight. With its 450mm driveboard and low speed of 180 RPM, the Trojan is specifically designed for intensive cleaning such as deep scrubbing, light renovation, stripping, scarifying and diamond pad tasks. What sets this model apart is the option to add an extra 30kg weight, enhancing its scrubbing capabilities even further. This feature ensures that even the toughest dirt and grime are thoroughly removed, leaving behind a pristine surface.

Choosing the Right Power Supply 110v or 240v :

When deciding between the 110V and 240V models of the Victor rotary machines, consider the specific environment and power supply available to you. In the UK, a 240V power supply is standard for most domestic and commercial settings. If you’re operating in these environments, the 240V models are a convenient choice as they can directly plug into the electrical outlets. However, if you work in construction sites or industrial settings where 110V power supplies are required for safety purposes, the 110V models are the appropriate option. Remember to use a suitable transformer to step down the voltage if needed.

At Victor, our rotary machines are proudly made in the UK, allowing us to offer remarkable advantages in terms of lead times and delivery options. For larger quantities, our efficient production processes enable us to provide incredibly short lead times, ensuring prompt delivery to meet your project deadlines. On the other hand, for smaller orders, we offer the convenience of next-day delivery, directly to your site. We understand the importance of timely access to reliable equipment, and our commitment to manufacturing locally empowers us to deliver exceptional service and responsiveness to our valued customers.

For an up to date price list and turnaround times of our 110v range, please call our team on 0121 706 5771