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Victor - Built for Industry

Offering professional cleaning solutions for all sectors.

​Victor floor cleaning machines help people to achieve clean, hygienic, safe and attractive floors, no matter the industry, building or floor type. 

Victor has been serving both the public and private sectors for over 75 years with quality commercial cleaning equipment. We proudly serve commercial cleaners, education, healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, local authorities, retail & supermarkets, hotels, food services, transport, construction and facilities management.


Victor understands that its customers have ever-changing requirements, and work in ever-changing environments. The team is committed to delivering quality, reliable, long-lasting, value-for-money solutions that meet evolving needs. 

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaners rely on durable, high-performance floor cleaning products to earn a living and keep their customers happy and satisfied. Machines need to deliver high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, but also be robust enough to withstand everyday use, and portable and light enough to be transported from one location to the next. 


Floor cleaning machines need to perform tasks quickly, effectively and quietly. They also need to be versatile, so cleaners can adapt to changing environments and requirements – one job might involve cleaning a shiny hard floor in a shopping centre with high footfall, another vacuuming a carpeted office with desks and chairs to manoeuvre around.

Image by CDC


The floors in schools, nurseries, colleges and universities need to be kept as clean, hygienic and safe as possible for the health and wellbeing of students and staff. The way the floor looks is also important; it has been suggested that interior design can influence learning. 


In educational facilities, there will be many different areas to clean – each potentially having a different type of flooring, different pieces of furniture and equipment to work around and different needs. Areas with high footfall – such as corridors – will need extensive daily cleaning, while others – such as school theatres – might have more ad hoc requirements. Safety flooring, commonly used in educational buildings because it reduces the risk of students and staff slipping, can require more intensive, specialist cleaning to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned without compromising its safety features. 


School cleaners and caretakers therefore need floor cleaning solutions for multiple tasks and multiple surfaces – from polishing shiny sports hall floors to vacuuming carpeted classrooms – that are effective, easy to manoeuvre and, with budgets being tight, offer value-for-money. 



In busy hospitals and healthcare clinics, there is ongoing potential for infections, germs and bacteria to spread – and regular, intensive cleaning is paramount. Floors must be kept clean and sanitised in very demanding circumstances. In most areas, there will be a constant flow of patients, staff and visitors to accommodate, along with beds, chairs and medical equipment to clean underneath and around – this can be particularly challenging in certain environments, such as critical care units. 


Hospital cleaners are tasked with cleaning floors quickly and efficiently, while delivering maximum levels of hygiene and sanitation, in facilities that never close, and that are always busy. They need floor cleaning machines that offer high levels of manoeuvrability, and that can be adapted for cleaning different surfaces, from shiny reception floors to anti-slip safety flooring in corridors. While high-performance is critical, cost pressures in the public sector also make longevity and value-for-money essential. 

Cleaning Hospital Room
Restaurant Interior


In the hospitality sector, an attractive, clean, immaculate environment can be the key to creating a positive, memorable first impression and ensuring customers return. All flooring – from shiny reception floors to carpeted bedrooms – must be cleaned every day. Floors in frequently used areas – such as toilet and changing room facilities – will need to be cleaned more regularly. 


Cleaners working in this sector will be looking for high-performance machines that provide the most aesthetically pleasing finishes – they will want to deliver the shiniest of floors, spotless carpets and immaculate upholstery. To enable a quick guest turnaround, and minimise disruption, machines must also provide effective results in minimum time.



Manufacturing facilities have to be one of the most challenging environments to keep clean. In many factories, the person responsible for cleaning floors will be tasked with removing and extracting grease and dirt throughout the day to protect the health and safety of employees. A clean, safe environment will keep production moving, increasing efficiency and profitability. 


The floor cleaning machines used in these harsh environments need to be high-performance and heavy-duty, and manoeuvrable enough to work around large, immovable machinery. 

Industrial Printing
Painting a Car


The automotive industry has dual floor cleaning needs. 


Manufacturing plants, workshops and repair centres will need grease and dirt removing and extracting on a regular basis – requiring high-performance, heavy-duty floor cleaning machines that are manoeuvrable enough to work around large pieces of equipment and machinery. 


Meanwhile, in car showrooms, it’s not just the cars that need to be kept super-shiny; a spotlessly clean, glossy floor can help to make a positive first impression – with luxurious, stylish surroundings potentially increasing the chances of making a sale. Floor cleaning machines that deliver aesthetically pleasing shine and high-performance vacuums that effectively remove dirt, scuffs and stains from carpeted areas are key.

Local authority / public buildings

Local Authority

& Public Buildings

In local authority and public sector buildings, the use of anti-slip safety flooring is common. The advantages in terms of reducing trips and slips are well proven, but the material that safety flooring is made from makes it challenging to keep clean. Dirt can easily become trapped in its surface, and if not cleaned properly, the anti-slip properties can be reduced. 


For those responsible for cleaning floors in local authority and public sector buildings, it is essential to invest in a floor cleaning machine that is designed to clean anti-slip flooring effectively without compromising on safety. 

Residential Library
Top View of a Shopping Mall


A shiny, clean floor can enhance the shopping experience, making all the difference to a sale. It’s important to keep dirt, soil, scuffs and stains to a minimum, which can be a challenge in high-traffic areas, such as in stores in large shopping centres. Wet weather can create an additional issue, compromising aesthetics as well as safety. 


Cleaners will need a high-performance machine that can maintain a floor’s clean and shiny appearance – whatever the level of footfall or weather conditions throughout the day. They require products that provide effective results, and are manoeuvrable enough to navigate around goods, typically displayed on shelving and tables or on racks or mannequins. If machines are used throughout the day for ad hoc cleaning, they need to be quiet and unobtrusive too.   


Some areas in retail premises have anti-slip safety flooring, which comes with its own challenges. Its safety properties make it difficult to keep clean, and if not cleaned properly, the anti-slip benefits can be reduced. A machine designed to work on anti-slip flooring, which doesn’t compromise on safety, is essential.

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