Victor Multispeed

Dual Speed Rotary Floorcare

✓ 3 Years Warranty

✓ Delivered fully assembled and ready for use

✓ CentreFlex® technology Drive board included

✓ Maintenance packages available on request

✓ Simple, but built to last
Designed to sustain years of demanding use.

✓ Easy to Use
Simple to use single switch and intuitive design.

✓ Made in the UK
Made in our Birmingham factory.



The Victor Multispeed Rotary Floor Scrubber and Polisher Machine is the ideal choice for venues where hard flooring requires both deep cleaning and polishing, such as schools, colleges, nightclubs, hospitals etc.
Ideal for users who require a rotary floor tool for multiple different uses, but don’t want the cost of maintaining of multiple machines.

The Victor Multispeed can easily switch between 200 RPM and 400 RPM at the flick of a switch.
As with all Victor machines, Multispeed machines are delivered fully assembled and ready for use. A drive board is included so you can just attach the appropriate pad and start cleaning.

What is CentreFlex® Technology?

Victor have been perfecting their unique CentreFlex drive board technology for over 30 years. The CentreFlex drive board self levels whilst cleaning, which ensures that both flat and uneven surfaces are given the perfect finish. The CentreFlex’s shock absorbing qualities mean less vibration is felt by the user, reducing fatigue an making it more ergonomic to operate.

Victor Multispeed Key Features


Multi-Functional Cleaning

Match brush and pad options to specific tasks for best results


Dual Speed Option

Twinspeed 1.5 kW motor features controlled soft start for maximum operative control. 


Tried & Tested Drive System

Tensioned belt and pulley mechanism - no complex cogs/gear wheels


Built to Last

Specialist anti-slip bolts secure machine components to steel frame 


Easy Transportation

Sturdy wheels enable effortless transportation.


Quiet & Smooth Motor

Twin capacitor motor ensures smooth start every time. 


Victor Multispeed Technical Specifications


Victor Multispeed Technical Specifications

Model Number


Voltage (V)


Working Width (mm)


Pad Speed (RPM)

200 / 400

Motor Power (W)


Noise Level (dB)


Cable Length (m)


Operating Down force (kg)


Productivity (m2 per hr)

500 - 550

Dimentions (L x W x H)

730 x 490 x1100

Weight (kg)



Victor Multispeed Consumables