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Victor Ocelot 400

Specialist Safety Floor Cleaner

✓ 3 Years Warranty

✓ Delivered fully assembled and ready for use

✓ Simple, but built to last
Designed to sustain years of demanding use.

✓ Easy to Use
Simple to use single switch and intuitive design.

✓ Made in the UK
Made in our Birmingham factory.

✓ Superior cleaning results from Oscillation

✓  Fast charge & Long runtime 1.5hr+


✓ Designed specifically for use on safety flooring



The Ocelot 400 is a high speed oscillating machine which effortlessly achieves outstanding results with reduced chemical usage.

Unrivalled mechanical cleaning operation through crosswise oscillation creating 3000 rounds of 7mm cleaning action per minute.

The Ocelot can be used for over an hour on a single charge, and can be fully recharged in under 4 hours.

The Ocelot features a compact design whilst maintaining a 400 mm cleaning pad. This makes the Ocelot 400 lightweight and manoeuvrable enough to clean in tight spaces.

Why Oscillation?

Cleaning safety flooring is synonymous with time-consuming, labour intensive and offen unsatisfactory results. Oscillating floorcare machines are incredibly effective at maintaining floors. Compared to traditional rotary scrubbers that rotate circular pads between 175 and 300 revolutions per minute, oscillating floor machines oscillate the typically rectangular-shaped pad driver offer 3000 rounds of  7mm cleaning action per minute. The quicker revolutions allow operatives to make light work of cleaning floors. The increased agitation through speed reduces the amount of time it takes to scrub the floor.

Ocelot 17.jpg

Superior Cleaning Results

Designed to specifically target the pitted surface of safety flooring which gathers dirt.

Ocelot close up.jpg

Reduced Chemical use

The efficacy of the mechanical action, combined with the use of abrasive pads, minimizes the use of detergents


Reduces Slip Hazards

Less water use on the floor ensures
floors are perfectly dry instantly,
whilst restoring the non-slip
properties of safety flooring.


Victor Ocelot Key Features

Ocelot 15.jpg

Minimal Training Required

No complicated displays or
excessive settings, the Ocelot is
very simple to use.

floor 1.jpg

Restores Safety Flooring

Over time dirt builds up in the recesses of the safety flooring which makes it look dull or patchy. The Oscillating motion of the Ocelot penetrates the pitter surface, making it look like new.

Ocelot 10.png

Fast Charge & Long Runtime

The Ocelot will run for 1.5 hours
on a full charge and will be fully charged from flat in 4 hours. The easy swap out battery ensures the Ocelot can be in use for as long as necessary with multiple batteries.

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