Carpet Bonnet Mop – 400mm / 15″ – SBI5529


SKU: SBI5529

Carpet Bonnet Mop – 400mm / 15″ – SBI5529


Revive and refresh low-profile carpets effortlessly with our Carpet Bonnet Mop – a reliable choice for commercial carpet cleaning. If you have a suitable single-disc scrubbing machine, this method offers a quick and effective way to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets.


How to Use:

Prepare the Area: Begin by vacuuming the carpeted area thoroughly to remove loose dirt and debris. This step is crucial for ensuring effective cleaning.


Spot Treatment: Address any visible stains or high-traffic areas on the carpet. Spot treatment can help tackle tough stains and ensure a more uniform clean.


Dilute the Cleaning Product: Dilute your chosen carpet cleaning solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Using the right dilution ensures optimal cleaning results.


Prep the Bonnet Mop: Submerge the Carpet Bonnet Mop in the diluted cleaning solution, ensuring it becomes damp but not soaked. Excess moisture can lead to over-wetting the carpet, so be cautious with the amount of solution applied.


Start Cleaning: Operate the floor machine, equipped with the Carpet Bonnet Mop, over the carpeted area. Be sure to overlap each pass to ensure complete coverage. As you work, periodically apply additional cleaning solution to the bonnet as needed to maintain its dampness.


Monitor the Bonnet: Keep an eye on the condition of the bonnet mop. When it becomes soiled, either flip it over or replace it with a clean one. This step is vital for preventing the transfer of dirt from one area to another.


Equipment Maintenance: After you’ve finished cleaning, clean and maintain all equipment used in the process. Proper equipment care ensures longevity and consistent performance.


Our Carpet Bonnet Mop – 400mm / 15″ – SBI5529 is designed to streamline your carpet cleaning routine, making it more efficient and less time-consuming. Trust in its reliability to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your commercial carpets effortlessly.

Invest in the right tools for effective carpet care.


Order the Carpet Bonnet Mop today and experience the difference it can make in your cleaning regimen.

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