SL8000 Auto-Vacuumated Steam Cleaner


The Victor SL 8000 Steam Cleaner and HEPA Vacuum offers superb portable steam cleaning complete with vacuumation for complete dirt and water removal leaving surfaces clean, dry and sanitised.


Equipped with a Hepa filter, the SL8000 eliminates pollen, pet hair, dust mites and tobacco smoke.

HEPA Vacuum & Steam Cleaner

Reduces spread of viral infection

Removes dirt and grease

3 suction settings

145°C steam for sanitising surfaces

Almost Unlimited Runtime

V-Fogg upgrade Fogging Device

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High Performance


Machine can be used for almost unlimited time due to continuous fill feature; machine can be refilled without having to depressurise the boiler.


The integrated vacuum provides an additional cleaning capability and surfaces can be left dry and dirt free Steam helps remove dirt and grease from surfaces without the use of cleaning agents




Steam is released at 145°C degrees which provides a sanitising effect on the surface it cleans


HEPA filtration on the vacuum protects the operator and the environment from fine dust and bacteria


Ease of Use


Noise level and suction power can be dictated by the operator due to three vacuum setting options.


Ideal solution for cleaning of a wide variety of areas including washrooms, kitchens, carpets and upholstery.

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HEPA Filter

Equipped with a Hepa filter, the SL8000 eliminates pollen, pet hair, dust mites and tobacco smoke.

Victor SL8000 Steam Cleaner V-Fogg Foggi


The SL8000 can be used as a commercial grade Wet & Dry Vacuum, Steam Cleaner and Fogging device.

Victor SL8000 Steam Cleaner accessories.

Sub Heading

The SL8000 is supplied with a full accessory kit.


Key Features



Victor SL8000 Steam Cleaner & HEPA Vacuum

Voltage (V)

230 v

Motor Power (w)

700 w

Steam Pressure

58 bar



1.8 ltr



1.5 ltr

Recovery tank

2.5 ltr

Cable Length

12.5 m



Code (Fogger)


Filter Type



Accessories & Spares

Manual - SL8000


SL8000 Steam Cleaner and Wet & Dry Vacuum