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Victor V-9B HEPA Dry Tub Vacuum

400W Battery Tub Vacuum

✓ Powerful & no loss of suction
High quality 400W motor and fixed HEPA filter ensures motor won’t get blocked by the bag even when full.

✓ Advanced HEPA filtration

Accredited 99.9984% HEPA filtration

✓ Compact, lightweight design
Weighing in at 6kg, this tub vacuum is super light in weight.

✓ Unique 5 castor design

The 5 castor design allows the unit freely and much less likely to topple over whilst in use

✓ Simple, but built to last
Designed to sustain years of demanding use.

✓ Easy to Use
Simple to use single switch and intuitive design.

✓ Made in the UK
Made in our Birmingham factory.