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Floor Pads 101: Choosing the Right Colour for Your Victor Scrubber Dryer or Rotary Cleaning Machine

Floor Pads: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Colour


What colour floor pads should you use?

Get the best out of your Victor Scrubber Dryer or Victor Rotary Cleaning Machine by using the right colour floor pad.

Did you know that you can seriously damage a floor by using the wrong colour floor pad?

To make sure you and your team know the correct colour floor pad to use with the correct machine, for the correct job, we’ve put together the following guide.

Floor pads are ideal for relatively level floors. If you have uneven floors, a brush may be more suitable.

As a general rule of thumb, the lighter the colour, the less abrasive a floor pad will be. For example White pads are very soft and ideal for polishing floors, whereas Black pads are much more abrasive and generally used for stripping or deep scrubbing tasks.

White Polishing Floor Pads

White Polishing Floor Pads

The White Victor Floor pad is the softest of the floorpads that we supply, this means it’s very delicate on floors. Designed for Burnishing and

polishing clean, dry floors, the Victor white polishing floor pad is perfect for producing a high gloss finish to floors.

Use dry or with a fine water mist to produce a high gloss finish.

The Victor white polishing pad is made from 100% recycled polyester fibres and

water-based resins.

For use with all Victor electric rotary machines, orbital scrubbers and automatic


We recommend using a white pad a high speeds between 300 – 2000 RPM

Red Buffing Floor Pads

Red Buffing Floor Pads

The Red Victor floor pad is slightly more abrasive than the white pad but less abrasive than the blue floor pad. The Red floor pad is a

great all rounded and ideal for spray cleaning tasks.

Because it is still fairly delicate on floors. Suitable for regular light cleaning and polishing, the red floor pad will remove light scuff marks and dirt while producing a high gloss shine.

The red Victor buffing pad is made of 100% recycled polyester fibres and waterbased


The red pad is ideal for rotary machines, but also often recommended for use by flooring manufacturers on a Scrubber Dryer as there is no risk of it damaging the floor or coating.

The red pad is ideal for use with slow or high speed floor cleaning machines between 100 – 2000 rpm

Blue Cleaning Floor Pads

Blue Cleaning Floor Pads

The Blue Victor Floor Pad is slightly more abrasive than a Red floor pad but not as abrasive as a green floor pad.

The Blue floor pad is very useful to have stock of, particular in areas which are prone to heavier scuff marks. Generally we advise that the Blue floor pad is used for periodic cleans rather than regular spray cleaning. The Blue floor pad is Ideal for school corridors or other high traffic areas which require a deeper periodic clean

Ideal for lower to mid range RPM machines (Unsuitable for burnishers or other high speed machines as they could damage the floor) 100 – 500 RPM

Green Scrubbing Floor Pads

Green Scrubbing Floor Pads

Ideal for wet scrubbing tasks, the Victor green scrubbing floor pad is the perfect

choice for deep cleaning or light stripping.

More abrasive than a Blue pad, but less abrasive than a Black pad, the Green Floor Pad can be used to “knock-back” polish before re-coating.

The Green floor pad by Victor is ideal for deep cleaning and removing tough marks – but it should always be used in conjunction with moisture. Using a Green pad dry could damage the machine and / or the floor.

Ideal for use with slower speed rotary floor machines at 100-200 rpm.

The green Victor scrubbing pad is made from polyester fibres along with synthetic

adhesives that will not be notably affected by water or cleaners used in standard

floor maintenance. The abrasives used in this product are synthetic.

Black Scrubbing Floor Pads

Black Scrubbing Floor Pads

The black floor pad is the most abrasive floor pad in the Victor range. This floor pad has been designed for stripping floors. This makes the Victor black stripping floor pad ideal for heavy duty wet stripping of emulsion polish. Use with water-based floor stripping solution to remove worn and soiled floor finishes or sealers .

The black stripping pad can also be used to clean heavily soiled hard surface floors,

such as concrete, when used with proper cleaning solutions.

The Black Victor stripping pad is made from polyester fibres along with synthetic

adhesives that will not be notably affected by water or cleaners used in standard

floor maintenance. The abrasives used in this product are synthetic. This product is

designed specifically for customers who want a more dense non woven pad.

Use with slow speed rotary floor machine at 100-200 rpm.

Melamine Floor Pads

Melamine floor pads are a versatile cleaning tool that can be used on a rotary floor cleaning machine to achieve excellent results. These pads are highly effective in removing tough stains, dirt, and grime from various floor surfaces. Whether it’s scuff marks, grout lines, adhesive residue, or even deep cleaning textured floors, melamine floor pads are up to the task. To ensure optimal performance, it is important to consider the recommended RPM range for using these floor pads with a rotary machine.

Typically, the optimum RPM range for melamine floor pads is between 180 and 200 RPM. With the right floor pads and RPM settings, you can achieve exceptional cleaning results for a wide range of floor cleaning tasks.

If you’d like to learn more about Melamine Floor pads, check out our blog post: 11 Tasks Made Simple with Melamine Floor Pads

A full range of Victor Floorpads, Brushes and other consumables are available from our web store.

Alternatively, contact us for larger quantities or distributor opportunities.

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