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11 Tips to Help Maintain Your Floor Scrubber Dryers

How to maintain a Scrubber Dryer Floor Cleaning Machine

How to maintain a Scrubber Dryer

A Scrubber Dryer is a vital investment for any business looking to keep their floors clean and hygienic. Whether you’re running a small warehouse or a large commercial facility, regular maintenance and servicing are essential to ensure your Scrubber Dryer stays working efficiently and effectively.

Below we’ll share ten tips for maintaining and servicing your to keep it in top condition for longer.

1. Regular Maintenance Checks

Maintenance checks are ideally carried out after use, monthly and annually. This will not only prolong the life of the Scrubber Dryer, but also ensure safety for other users.

Basics daily checks would ideally include:

  • Is the machine clean?
  • Has the recovery tank been emptied?
  • Is the clean water tank empty?
  • Are there any signs of wear to the brushes/ pads or brushes?
  • Is the Squeegee clean and making good contact with the floor?
  • Is there any obvious damage to the machine which need reporting before use?
  • Is the machine fully charged (If battery Scrubber Dryer)?
  • Is the mains cable in good condition and without damage (if a mains Scrubber Dryer)?

2. Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Before operating your Scrubber Dryer, make sure you read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure you are using the machine correctly and not causing unnecessary damage.

3. Clean the Machine After Use

After each use, it’s important to clean your Scrubber Dryer thoroughly. Use a mild detergent and warm water to clean the brushes, squeegee, and tank. This will prevent any dirt or debris from building up and prolong the life of your machine.

4. Check the Water Tank

Check the water tank before each use andmake sure it’s topped up with clean water. This will ensure your machine is working at maximum efficiency and prevent any damage to the water pump. If the machine is only used periodically, the clean water / solution tank should be kept empty to minimise damage to the machine and prevent water becoming stagnant.

5. Inspect the Brushes

Inspect the brushes on your Scrubber Dryer regularly to make sure they are clean and free from any damage. If the brushes become worn or damaged, they will need to be replaced.

6. Check the Squeegee Blades

Check the squeegee blades on your machine regularly to ensure they are not worn or damaged. If the squeegee blades are damaged, they will not be able to pick up the water effectively and can cause streaking.

7. Lubricate Moving Parts

Lubricate the moving parts on your Scrubber Dryer regularly to prevent any friction and wear. Use a silicone-based lubricant and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

8. Check the Battery

If your Scrubber Dryer has a battery, make sure you check the battery level regularly. Most modern machines will have a battery indicator to show the remaining charge.

9. Check the Filters

Check the filters on your Scrubber Dryer regularly to make sure they are clean and free from any debris. Dirty filters can reduce the efficiency of your machine and cause damage to the motor.

10. Schedule Regular Servicing

It’s important to schedule regular servicing for your Scrubber Dryer. A professional service will ensure your machine is working at its best and identify any potential issues before they become major problems.

11. Use Genuine Parts

If your Scrubber Dryer needs replacement parts, always use genuine parts from the manufacturer. Using non-genuine parts can cause damage to your machine and invalidate your warranty.

Why Choose a Victor Scrubber Dryer

Victor first started manufacturing scrubber dryers in the late 1960’s – originally combining a rotary machine and a wet and dry vacuum which featured a French Milk Churn as the recovery tank. When it comes to Scrubber Dryers, the Victor range stands out from the competition. Not only are they simple to use and maintain, but they also offer a range of benefits over industry standard machines.

For example, the Victor Scrubber Dryer range has a wide opening tank, making them easy to clean and maintain. Quick release brushes make change Scrubber Dryer brushes fast, easy and tool free.

In addition, the Victor range offers a choice of Eco or Max modes, allowing you to choose the right cleaning mode for your needs. Plus, the range’s lithium batteries offer long battery life, so you can clean for longer without interruption.

If you need help maintaining or servicing your Scrubber Dryer, our friendly floorcare experts are on hand to help. Call us on 0121 706 5771 to arrange a demonstration at your facility.

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