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What is the CentreFlex® Drive Board for Victor Rotary Machines?

The Victor CentreFlex® Drive Board: Making Rotary Machines more user-friendly since 1990

Floorcare is an essential task that demands precision, efficiency, and comfort. To meet these demands, at Victor we leverage our 75 years of experience in the cleaning industry to bring the latest innovations to the marketplace.

One such innovation is the CentreFlex drive board, which we have been refining since the early 90’s. The CentreFlex drive board has been designed to make using a rotary floorcare machine more comfortable and efficient for users.

CentreFlex® Drive Boards are Shock-Absorbing

Commercial cleaning can be a tiring task, especially when vibrations from the equipment are transmitted to the operator. Here’s where the CentreFlex® drive board truly shines. Designed with advanced shock-absorbing qualities, the CentreFlex® drive board significantly reduces the vibrations experienced by the user during cleaning. This ergonomic enhancement not only makes the cleaning process more comfortable but also reduces fatigue, enabling users to clean for extended periods without discomfort.

This detailed exploded view showcases the innovative CentreFlex® Driveboard by Victor. Explore the components that make up this remarkable technology, including its self-levelling mechanisms and shock-absorbing features. Get a closer look at how CentreFlex® enhances your cleaning experience.

CentreFlex® Drive Boards are Self-Levelling

One of the standout features of the CentreFlex® drive board is its exceptional self-levelling capability. This means that it can seamlessly adapt to both flat and slightly uneven surfaces. Whether you’re tackling a smooth, even floor or one with intricate textures, the CentreFlex® drive board ensures consistent, high-quality cleaning results. Say goodbye to uneven cleaning patterns and hello to pristine surfaces every time.

CentreFlex® Drive Boards are Versatile and Adaptable

The CentreFlex® drive board features a hook & loop system, allowing it to easily fit a range or floor pads, bonnet mops and brushes like velco. This allows the rotary machine to work seamlessly on a diverse range of flooring types, including carpet, tile, Vinyl, Safety Flooring, Marble, Painted Concrete, Linoleum and hardwood. Its adaptability and versatility make it an excellent choice for individuals and professionals who need to clean various surfaces regularly.

Compatibility and Size Options

The CentreFlex® Driveboard comes as standard on several Victor models, including the Victor Contractor, The Victor Sprite, The Victor Sprite 300, The Victor Trojan, and The Victor Multispeed. It’s also compatible with historic models such as the Victor Europa and Victor Pro. This compatibility ensures that users of various Victor machines can enjoy the benefits of CentreFlex® Technology across a range of machines.

The Victor CentreFlex® drive board is available in three sizes: 300mm, 400mm, and 450mm, providing flexibility to meet different cleaning requirements.

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