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Battery Rotary Floor Cleaning Machine

Victor Contractor Cordless

✓ 3 Years Warranty

✓ Delivered fully assembled and ready for use

✓ CentreFlex® technology Drive board included

✓ Maintenance packages available on request

✓ Simple, but built to last
Designed to sustain years of demanding use.

✓ Easy to Use
Simple to use single switch and intuitive design.

✓ Made in the UK
Made in our Birmingham factory.



The Contractor Cordless rotary machine offers unrivalled value and performance across a range of hard floor cleaning tasks including buffing, spray cleaning, scrubbing and bonnet mopping.

This high speed (240rpm) machine comes supplied with a 400mm drive board, providing the flexibility to effectively carry out most hard floor cleaning tasks. 

With fast charge times and long runtime the Contractor Cordless is ideal for daytime cleaning where trailing cables could cause a trip hazard. The Contractor Cordless features a lockable, swap-out battery, making it ideal for operatives who require long runtimes, offering the ability to charge multiple batteries. 

The lower profile extended base allows users to clean effectively beneath overhanging shelving,  tables, hospital beds and other low level furniture.