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15 Reasons why a Victor Scrubber Dryer is the best Scrubber Dryer for you

Have you seen our new Scrubber Dryer range yet?

We launched our new scrubber dryer range in 2021, and they have been incredibly popular thanks to some innovative new features. In case you aren’t familiar with all the benefits that the new Victor scrubber dryer range has to offer, we thought we’d outline them in a short blog post.

So here they are, 15 reasons why the Victor Scrubber Dryer range could be the best commercial scrubber dryer for you.

1. Simple to use

One of the most stand-out features of the Victor scrubber dryer range is the focus on usability. As with all Victor floorcare products, these scrubber dryers have been designed to be simple to use to ensure operatives can spend longer cleaning, rather than trying to understand multiple complicated settings. All settings on the Victor Scrubber Dryer range can be operated with just two buttons. One for dosing the solution flow, the other for Eco or Max modes. You can also easily check the battery status, the remaining runtime and the remaining solution flow.

2. Easy and cost effective to maintain

At Victor we believe that commercial cleaning equipment should stand the test of time, even in the most demanding commercial environments. One of the keys to long-lasting cleaning equipment is proper maintenance.

These Scrubber Dryers have been designed to be incredibly simple to maintain, thus improving the machine longevity and reducing the lifetime cost. Routine maintenance tasks such as squeegee replacement, cleaning the clean-water filter and replacing brushes is fast and easy. The wide opening of the recovery tank makes it easy to access and clean to a high standard.

3. A single motor is all that is needed

Most Scrubber dryers have 2 or 3 motors to drive the brushes and the vacuum. These motors are not only expensive to replace but drain the battery quickly. We have reduced the need for extra motors with cog driven brushes, so a single motor can power up to 4 brushes. Our 48v motors are incredibly efficient and waste very little energy in the form of heat. This allows Victor commercial scrubber dryers to run multiple cog driven brushes and the vacuum off the same motor.

4. Twin Brush Design

The patented toothed twin brush design has simplified the transmission to a single motor, thus increasing productivity and battery run times. Utilising multiple brushes increases the cleaning surface area and gives an all-round better clean than the industry-standard single brush design.

5. Higher rpm (Cleans double the in the same time)

The brushes on a Victor Scrubber Dryer rotate at an RPM of 340 which is almost twice that of the industry standard. Rotating twice the speed means cleaning double the in the same time.

6. Super slimline & Lightweight

The motor tends to be the bulkiest part of any commercial scrubber dryer. As Victor scrubber dryers have just one motor these Scrubber dryers benefit from a super slimline design when compared with the same litreage machine. This results in Victor commercial floor scrubbers being incredibly lightweight (just 66kg on a 50L machine) and easy to manoeuvre around tight spaces such as retail environments or washrooms.

7. Longer Runtimes

Long-life lithium batteries and innovation to conserve energy have resulted in prolonged runtimes when compared to other commercial scrubber dryers. The average runtime across the Victor walk behind scrubber dryer range is 4 hours, depending on the cleaning mode.

8. Fast Charge Batteries

Our fast charge batteries are fully charged in half the time of the industry standard. The average runtime across the Victor walk behind scrubber dryer range is just 2 hours.

9. High Brush Head Pressure

Ideal for heavy-duty and deep cleaning, the Victor Scrubber dryer range has a downforce of up to 30kg. Alternatively this can be reduced for lighter cleaning tasks.

10. Squeegee mounted in front of the wheels

A common problem with scrubber dryers is wet wheels. Not only can wet wheels affect the finish of a clean floor, but they can also be prone to skidding and slipping. By moving the squeegee blade in front of the wheels, the wheels on a Victor Scrubber Dryer never get wet, thus reducing slip hazards and ensuring a perfect finish every time.

11. Brushes mounted at the front of the Scrubber dryer

There were 2 things we didn’t like about traditional under belly brushes.

Firstly, the operative couldn’t see the brush very easily. This mean it was difficult to see if there was a blockage or another problem with the brushes.

Secondly, edge to edge cleaning was impossible. Even if the unit touched the wall, the cleaning brush would be nowhere near the wall.

By moving the brushes to the front of the machine, the operative can easily see what they are doing and easily achieve edge to edge cleaning.

12. Available in 3 sizes + Ride-on Version

The Victor Scrubber Dryer range is available in 3 popular sizes:

  • The SD20 features a 20l recovery tank. This makes the SD20 the ideal compact scrubber dryer for cleaning surfaces from 250 - 1000 m2 and can clean up to 2,400 m2 on a single charge. (2,400 m2 on Eco Mode, 1,700 m2 on Max)

  • The SD40 features a 40l recovery tank. This makes the SD40 the ideal compact scrubber dryer for cleaning surfaces from 1000 - 2000m2 and can clean up to 6,000m2 on a single charge. (6,000m2 on Eco Mode, 4,500m2 on max)

  • The SD50 features a 50l recovery tank. This makes the SD50 the ideal compact scrubber dryer for cleaning surfaces from 1000 - 2000m2 and can clean up to 8,400m2 on a single charge. (8,400m2 on Eco Mode, 6,300m2 on max)

13. Lithium-Ion (Li-NCA) batteries

There are many advantages of using Lithium-Ion (Li-NCA) batteries as opposed to AGM or Gel batteries.

- They are incredibly lightweight and compact in size small size.

- They have a very low self-discharge rate, meaning they last much longer.

- Lithium-Ion batteries charge cycles (1,000) much higher than traditional AGM or Gel batteries.

14. Incredibly quiet

Thanks to just a single motor, the Victor scrubber dryer range has a maximum sound output of just 66.6 decibels, reducing to 64.6 decibels in eco mode. This makes them ideal for cleaning hospital floors or other areas where quiet night time cleaning is essential.

15. Three Year warranty

And finally, these Scrubber dryers have been built to last. We are so confident they will stand the test of time, even in a demanding commercial environment, that we offer 3 years warranty as standard on the SD20, SD40 and the SD50.

If you have any scrubber requirements, why not get in touch for a free demonstration?

Call us to arrange a site visit on +44 (0)121 706 5771

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