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Victor SX15

Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Code: V-SX15

The SX15 offers the capability to deep clean carpets and using the optional tool kit the ability to clean smaller areas, stairs and upholstery.

✓ 3 Years Warranty

✓ Delivered fully assembled and ready for use

✓ Maintenance packages available on request

✓ Simple, but built to last
Designed to sustain years of demanding use.

✓ Easy to Use
Simple to use single switch and intuitive design.

✓ Made in the UK
Made in our Birmingham factory.

Whether its a large or small area, stairs or upholstery the SX15 is the machine to provide a deep clean. Utilising the power of the solution spray that is agitated deep into the carpet pile by the chevron bristled brush, the SX15 cleans carpets effectively.

The powerful vacuum then removes the solution and dirt from the carpet depositing it into the recovery tank for easy emptying.

The SX15 is easy to keep clean through the removable brush and filter inside the solution tank ensuring your SX15 is kept in optimal condition. The large rear wheels make the machine simple to move either up and down stairs or across uneven surfaces so that where necessary it can be moved easily between buildings. The fold over handle enables the machine to be stored in small cupboards.


Independent functionality
The solution spray, brush and vacuum functions can all be controlled individually to allow the operators to tailor cleaning activity to any particular situation. The spray feature can be used to pre-spray a carpet. Using the brush and spray function will scrub the solution or pre-spray into the carpet, particularly helpful on very dirty carpets. The vacuum can be used on its own for dry passes over the carpet to remove excess moisture and speed drying. Using the brush, spray and vacuum functions together gives a deep clean to any carpet that is quick drying.

Wand and Upholstery tool
The SX15 can be fitted with a hose and wand or upholstery tool for cleaning smaller areas, stairs and upholstery. This option maximises the flexibility of the SX15.


Separate Solution and Recovery Tanks
The SX15 has separate solution and recovery tanks to avoid the leaking of dirty recovered material into the clean solution associated with a membrane type tank system. The recovery tank can be easily removed for emptying.


Removable brush
The brush on the SX15 is easy to remove and replace to allow quick cleaning of both the brush and its housing to ensure great results and long machine life.

Dump Hose for easy emptying and solution level indication

The SX-15 has a dump hose fitted to the back that allows complete emptying of the solution tank. The solution dump hose also doubles as a solution level indicator.

Victor SX15 Key Features

SX15 8.jpg

Deep Agitating Brush

The SX15's agitating brush provides deeper carpet cleaning by agitating deep into the carpet pile with the chevron bristled brush.

Victor CX7 3_edited.jpg

Upholstery Tool

The SX15 offers the ability to deep spot clean carpets and upholstery  with it's additional wand.

SX15 7.jpg

Individually Controlled

All of the SX15's functions are individually controlled to give operators total freedom to clean effectively in any situation.


Victor SX15 Technical Specifications

Model Number


Voltage (V)


Motor Power (Watts)


Brush Speed (rpm)


Brush Length (mm)


Operating Down Force (kg)


Waterlift (mm)


Airflow (l/s)


Noise Level (dBA)


Pump (bar / psi)

3.4 / 50

Weight (kg)


Solution Tank Capacity (litres)


Recovery Tank Capacity (litres)


Cable Length (m)


Dimensions LxWxH (mm)


Drying Width (mm)



Victor SX15 Carpet Cleaning Machine